Emily C Linkin

Artist Statement

My work describes environments and subjects that fall within the grey-area between reality and imaginative spaces. I create two-dimensional, abstract drawings and paintings that are conceptually driven. I use an interchangeable combination of acrylic, watercolor, color pencil, ink, and unconventional materials on paper, canvas, or wood panel depending on the nature of the project.

Hypothetical (2020)

My current project “Hypothetical” is an ongoing mixed media series. They are abstracted landscapes of isolated moments between reality and imaginative space. I use a scientific process to define un-scientific concepts. The result is a very controlled visual experience, with a conflicting emotional experience. In order to make each piece I followed a step-by step procedure that I created solely for this series. Each step uses a different method to define the content for the piece. I use a grid to visualize each composition directly on the artwork. Experiments are played out on the piece itself, as the entire process is contained in each finished piece. The focus of the series is not the subjects but the phenomena of pattern and of correlation and influence.


Linkin, Emily (b. 1987, UK)

2019 Artist in Residence, LocalColor San Jose, Keystone

2010 Bachelor of Fine Arts, California Polytechnic State University

2020 Artworks on Display, Plantlush, San Jose, CA

2009 Bachelor of Fine Arts Senior Thesis Exhibition, Cal Poly Campus Gallery

2008 Group Exhibition, San Luis Obispo, CA

2007 Morro Bay Art Association Juried Exhibition, 2nd Place Prize for 2D

2006 Student Juried Exhibition, Cal Poly Campus Gallery, Honorable Mention for Sculpture

Works held in private collections in Long Beach, Portland, and San Jose.